FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

How many appliances does Essenova Pro replace?

Essenova Pro (SPM128-JL) is a All-In-One Kitchen Assistant, ‎capable of replacing your traditional mixer, food processor, meat grinder, steamer, sauté pan, rice cooker, cake maker, sterilizer and food warmer, coffee grinder, soy juicer, chopper, bread maker and so much more. As a completely elevated cooking experience from start to finish, Essenova is the only countertop appliance your kitchen will ever need.

How to assemble Essenova Pro?

Assembling the blade


1. Ensure that the sealing ring is clean and placed on the blade. Failure to do so may result in damage to the machine.

We suggest to assemble the unit with a kitchen towel and hold it with three fingers at the Hex nut.

Wash and dry the blade immediately after use. Do not leave it immersed in water.

Examine the sealing ring regularly in order to detect any possible damages. Should there be any damage or leakages, change the sealing ring immediately.

2. To place the blade in the bowl, hold its upper part, do not touch the sharp blade leaf.

3. Move the lever clockwise to lock the blade. Ensure that blade lock mechanism of the bowl is pushed to Lock position.

Move the lever counter clockwise to loosen it ( Un-lock position).

Placing the bowl

Place the bowl in the central unit (without the lid). Press downwards firmly until the edge of the bowl rests under the appliance lock.

Placing the lid

Ensure that the rubber sealing ring is fitted correctly in the inner side of the lid. First, place the lid diagonally on top of the bowl.

Then, press the lid downward and turn clockwise so that the tongue underneath the lid fits into the space that projects from the central unit. At the same time, the clip in the back of the cover connects perfectly with the cavity in the handle of the bowl.

Warning: The appliance is equipped with a built-in safety lock between the lid and main unit. The appliance will not work unless the lid is correctly fitted (symbol will appear on the screen).

How to use Essenova Pro?

• Place ESSENOVA on a clean and stable surface that does not radiate heat.

• ESSENOVA comes with two security sensors that can be found in the handle and bottom of the bowl. For an optimum use of the machine, the bowl has to be properly fitted to the central unit. Otherwise, the machine will detect an error and will not work.

• Make sure the bowl, blades and all of the accessories are well cleaned before using the machine.

1. Place the mixing bowl into the central unit.

2. Mount the lid onto the mixing bowl.

3. Select the cooking time, temperature and speed.

4. Start the machine by pressing button ON/OFF.

5. During cooking process, the machine will count down the programmed time and a beep sound will indicate that the cooking has finished.

6. The cooking time, temperature and speed can be changed while in use without stopping.

* It is recommended that the power cord be disconnected from the power source when not in use.

* To avoid overheating, do not cover the air vents at the back of the machine.

* Never exceed the maximum capacity of the bowl.

* Allow hot ingredients to cool before transferring them.

* Wash and dry the blade thoroughly. Do not soak.

* If the blade speed shows signs of slowing under the load at the selected speed or is stalling, please progressively increase speed to the nearest speed setting where the blade will move freely.

Note: Speed 1, 2 and 3 are for cooking (with heat) and mixing at the same time.

* For preparing dishes at high speeds, turn the measuring cup to the lock position to avoid spills.

* Special caution has to be taken when removing the blade as it is very sharp.

How to control the timer?

The Timer control is used to program the cooking time of the ingredients for a maximum of 60 minutes. 

ESSENOVA can be programmed with an interval of 1 second for the first minute, then in intervals of 30 seconds after over one minute, and in 1 minute intervals from 10 minutes onwards.

Turning the timer control clockwise increases cook time, counter clockwise decreases cook time. ESSENOVA counts the time down once the ON/OFF button is pressed. During the cooking, the programmed time can be changed if needed.

It is necessary to program the operation time, except when using the Turbo function.

How to use turbo mode on Essenova Pro?

This function is used to mix and cut ingredients at a very high speed by keeping the button pressed, usually for 3 or 4 seconds.

Note: At Turbo mode, the speed icon on the display will flash.

Caution: When using this function, the ingredients may splash and might result in burns if the necessary caution is not taken. It is recommended to turn the measuring cup to the lock position when using the Turbo function. Do not use the mixing tool with this function.

How to use KNEAD mode?

Press the knead button, then press the ON/OFF button, the machine will start kneading. It will alternate between clockwise and counter clockwise automatically, during the preset operation time of 1 minute 30 seconds.

According to your recipes, the operation time can be increased to 3 minutes before pressing the ON/OFF button. During kneading, you can press ON/OFF button to stop the operation before the time counts down to “0”.

Note: At kneading mode, the speed and temperature are not able to be adjusted.

How to use REVERSE mode?

Reverse function is intended for gently stirring delicate foods which are not required to be chopped. Press REVERSE button and the blade starts running in counter clockwise direction. Press this button again and it will change back to a clockwise direction. The reverse symbol will appear on the display when using this function.

Note: Reverse function does not work if the speed level is over 3.
Reverse icon appears on the display on reverse mode.

How to control temperature?

Essenova has a heating temperature range from 37°C to 130°C (37ºC, 45ºC, then from 50ºC to 130ºC in intervals of 5ºC).

The temperature is increased or selected by turning the control TEMP in a clockwise direction, and is reduced in a counter clockwise direction.
The selected temperature will appear on the screen. The warning symbol indicates that ESSENOVA has reached the selected temperature.

NOTE: When preparing food exceeding 60°C, do not to use the Turbo or higher speeds (5-10). Take care when touching the bowl or measuring cup.

How to control SPEED?

SPEED control

ESSENOVA is equipped with 10 speeds for cooking, cutting, chopping, mixing, emulsifying, kneading and steam cooking which are controlled by the speed button.
Speed with Heating
For safety reasons, only speeds 1-3 can be chosen with heating temperature.
If you select a speed higher than 3 first, for example speed 4, the temperature will remain at “0”, even if you turn the temperature button, unless you lower the speed to 1-3.
If you select a temperature first, for example 37ºC, only speeds 1-3 can be chosen. Even if you turn the speed button, the speed won’t go over 3.
Speed for Creamy Mixtures
The symbol for mixing tool appears on the screen when the speeds 1, 2 and 3 are selected. The use of the mixing tool accessory is optional and may vary according to the type of recipe.

Note: Do not select over speed 3 when the mixing tool is in place.

How to read the Screen Messages?

Bowl lid is open

The bowl of ESSENOVA comes with two security sensors in the lid and base of the bowl. When the lid is open or incorrectly closed, this warning symbol will appear on the screen.

Programmed temperature reached
This symbol flashes on the screen for a few seconds to indicate that the machine has reached the selected temperature. Also, a beep sound can be heard when the temperature is reached.

How to use Mixing Bowl?

MIxing Bowl

The bowl is made of stainless steel and has a maximum capacity of 2 liters with marked levels at every 0.5 liters indicated on the outside and inside of the bowl.

1. Never fill the bowl exceeding the maximum level amount.
2. Special care must be taken when removing the bowl from the central unit to avoid spills and splashes.
3. At high speed levels and when using the Turbo function, the measuring cup should be turned to the lock position for additional security.
4. Never heat up the bowl when it is empty.

Lid for the mixing bowl
ESSENOVA only works with the bowl lid in place and closed correctly. The bowl symbol will appear on the screen to indicate that the bowl is not properly closed.
Before putting the lid on, ensure that the rubber sealing ring has been fitted correctly into the inner side of the lid.

When cleaning the lid, clean the sealing ring carefully and separately.

WARNING: Only use the machine when the rubber sealing ring of the lid is clean and has been properly installed.
Examine the sealing ring regularly in order to detect any possible damages. Should there be any damage or leakages, change the sealing ring immediately.

How to use Measuring Cup?

The measuring cup is highly versatile with a 100ml capacity, and allows the easy use of the kitchen machine without the need to stop it while it is in use:

-To add ingredients to the bowl with the lid closed, add via the hole of the lid.
-To maintain the cooking temperature.

WARNING: When using higher speed or the Turbo function, place the measuring cup onto the lid, turn it in a clockwise direction to lock position to avoid the ingredients or the measuring cup from splashing.

Do not cover the measuring cup with towels or similar objects.

How to use Cooking Basket?

ESSENOVA comes with a cooking basket that is placed inside the bowl and is perfect for preparing different types of dishes:

- It could be use for the filtering of fruit and vegetable juices. Chop and make a puree in the machine, then insert the basket into the mixing bowl and use it as a filter when pouring the juice out. When pouring the juice, use the spatula to hold the basket.
- For cooking side dishes (e.g. rice, potatoes).

How to use Spatula?

Use Spatula for stirring, mixing or scraping the ingredients; Or for lifting the cooking basket.

1. Do not use other utensils other than the spatula to stir the ingredients inside the bowl as these may damage the machine and may get caught between the blade.
2. Never place the Spatula inside the bowl whilst the blade is in motion.
3. When using the spatula to scrape or remove food from the bowl, only scrape in a clockwise direction.
The spatula will be damaged by the sharp blade if used in a counter clockwise direction.

How to use Steamer Tray?

The steamer tray is ideal for steaming meat, fish and vegetables.

The shallow and deep steamer tray are used for placing the ingredients inside for steaming.

1. The steamer tray is not to be used in the microwave, oven or other cooking appliance.
2. Care must be taken when using the steamer tray as it may have steam or hot water inside.

How to use Steamer Tray with Essenova Pro?

1. Put the bowl in into the main unit, and fill enough water into the bowl.

2. Check the sealing ring of the deep steamer tray and make sure it has been placed correctly.
3. Place the steamer tray on the bowl, and turn the deep steamer tray clockwise to the lock position. Ensure that it locks into place.
4. Place the ingredients into the shallow and/or deep steamer tray.
5. Cover the lid for steamer stray.
6. Program the cooking time and temperature.

The ingredients will start cooking when the water begins to boil. The steam will rise from the bowl and pass to the trays.

How to use Mixing Tool with Essenova Pro?

The mixing tool is ideal for whipping cream or beating egg whites.

The mixing tool is placed on top of the blade and works with speeds 1, 2 and 3. To remove it, hold it firmly by the upper part and pull it out with rotations in both directions.
Do not use the mixing tool with the Turbo function.

How to avoid leaking of food?

Ensure the sealing ring of the blade is fitted to the blade bearing, otherwise food may leak out and damage the appliance.

How to Clean Essenova® Pro(SPM128-JL)?

* Before using the machine for the first time and after each use, clean the machine, its components and accessories thoroughly.

* The contact points at the bottom of the bowl should always be clean and dry.
* Special care must be taken when removing the blade from the bowl as it is very sharp.
* All the stainless steel components of this machine can be washed in the dishwasher. Plastic components are recommended to be washed by hand.
Note: Remove the sealing ring before washing the blade and ensure both parts are dried before fitting back together.
* Clean the sealing ring that can be found in the bowl lid after each use.
* Clean the cavity of the central unit with a damp towel and dry well.
* Thoroughly dry all the components and bowl accessories after each wash for optimum performance of the machine.
Warning: Never immerse the main unit, cord and plug into any liquids.